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Valves and Filters

[1] Cover Ring

The cover ring fastens valve cover to body, stiffening and strengthening the valve body, enabling simple maintenance.
A cover ring key is available.

[2] "Snap-On" Bracket

For all BERMAD plastic accessories

[3] Valve Cover

The cover's strong construction meets rough service conditions. Optional cover types (3 and smaller valves) are capable of accepting a Flow Stem, a Flow Stern + Position Indicator, and a 2-Way Solenoid (2W-N1 Electric Type).

[4] Auxiliary Closing Spring

One single high grade stainless steel spring provides a wide operational range, ensuring low opening pressure and secure closing.

[5] Plug Assembly

The unitized Flexible Super Travel (FST) plug assembly combines a long travel guided valve plug, peripherally supported diaphragm, and replaceable diaphragm and valve seal. The diaphragm fully meets the valve's operating pressure range requirements.

[5.1] Diaphragm holder
Plug Seal

[6] h Y flow 'Y' Valve Body

Glass-filled nylon construction meets rough service conditions with high chemical and cavitation resistance.
End -to-end "look-through" design and full bore seat with unobstructed flow path, free of any in-line ribs, supporting cage, or shafts, enables ultra-high compactly with minimal pressure loss.

[7] End Connections

[7.1] Flanges Plastic or metal "Corona" with elongated slots enable meeting ANSI flange standard.
[7.2] Flange adapter external.
[7.3] Internal threads.

[8] Flange Adapter

Articulated flange connections isolate the valve from the bending and pressure stresses.

[9] Valve Legs

Stabilizing the valve and serve also as mounting brackets.




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