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1700 Series
Urethane Wheel Chocks

Designed for small utility trucks, trailers, pick-ups, and automobiles.

Roadblocks 1700 Series Urethane Wheel Chocks are specifically designed for smaller vehicles like pick-ups, automobiles, trailers and small utility trucks. They are strong, safe and lightweight. Impact absorbing chocks grip tire and road, will not cause tire or pavement damage and are oil and chemical resistant. For added safety and convenience, these urethane wheel chocks feature a high visibility orange color and "How to Use" guidelines molded into each chock.

Optional mounting bracket is available for this wheel chock.
Chocks as roped pairs are available upon request.


  • Tough urethane construction.
  • Resistant to damage from oil and chemicals.
  • Recessed carrying handle on back of chock.
  • Mounting hole for ropes, chains or brackets.
  • High visibility orange color.
  • "How to Use" guidelines molded into each wheel chock.


  • WARNING! Individual end user testing required to ensure proper chock selection and application.
  • Select wheel chocks appropriate to type and size of vehicle.
  • Chocks shall be used only after vehicle is completely stopped and parking brakes fully applied and tested.
  • Position wheel chocks snugly and squarely against the center of the tire tread area of each wheel.
  • Always use wheel chocks in pairs and on firm surfaces.
  • More than one pair may be required.
  • Chock in direction of grade.
  • Chock wheels on both sides of vehicle in direction of grade.
  • Test chocks to ensure they meet requirements.
  • Chocks are effective holding devices when properly sized and positioned.
  • Always remove wheel chocks before attempting to move vehicle.
  • Do not drive over wheel chocks.
  • Improper use can result in product failure.
  • Although these are generally acceptable chocking procedures, it is the decision of each individual user to determine the best chock and chocking method for the particular application.


1910.178 (k)…
(1) The brakes of highway trucks shall be set and wheel chocks placed under the rear wheels to prevent the trucks from rolling while they are boarded with powered industrial trucks.
(7) Brakes shall be set and wheel blocks shall be in place to prevent movement of trucks, trailer, or railroad cars while loading or unloading. Fixed jacks may be necessary to support a semitrailer during loading or unloading when the trailer is not coupled to a tractor.
(9) Chock blocks. At least two chock blocks shall be provided. These blocks shall be placed to prevent rolling of the vehicle whenever it is parked during loading and unloading operations.



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