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Southwest Irrigation is the leading supplier for Heap Leach Mining Systems and Agricultural Irrigation Systems in the southwest.

S10 Spinner

The S10 Spinner for mining, nursery and greenhouse applications is a unique little sprinkler that evenly distributes a wide range of flow like a gentle rain. With its high-flow capacity, high uniformity, and greater radius you will need far less S10 Spinners than traditionally needed in similar applications. Space the S10 from 16 x 16 to 26 x 26 feet (5 x 5 to 8 x 8 meters) depending on your conditions. Closer spacings will normally deliver the best uniformity … especially in the wind. Three plate options are available for high trajectory, low trajectory, or flat trajectory performance.

.8 to 5 gpm, 182 to 1136 lph

Features & Benefits:

* Tough, durable, and reliable build.
* High uniformity.
* Easy-clean, color-coded nozzles.
* PVC or threaded adapter options.
* Mini Regulator Drain Check option.
* FT4 or FT5 feedtube options for easy connection to polyethylene pipe.




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