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Southwest Irrigation is the leading supplier for Heap Leach Mining Systems and Agricultural Irrigation Systems in the southwest.

Agri-Inject Chemigation or Fertigation Systems

Look to the Leader...

The widespread acceptance of chemigation and the cost savings and higher profits it makes possible are not a surprise to us at Agri-Inject. After all, chemigation is - and always has been - our sole focus. We've been the leader in chemigation technology and equipment for more than two decades.

Look to us for solid advice on how chemigation and fertigation work and the benefits it can bring to your operation. Learn how to produce greater yields and reduce production inputs.

Turn your sprinkler system into the most effective farm chemical applicator around with an Agri-Inject Chemigation or Fertigation System.


Chemigation Systems

Accurate and uniform application of a wide range of chemicals.

Insectigation Systems

Zero in on pest infestations quickly, effectively and economically.


Fertigation Systems

Accurate and uniform application of a wide range of chemicals.


Mister Mist'r Ultra

The most advanced, efficient and effective chemical injection valve on the market.


Accurate, direct placement of starter fertilizer and chemicals during planting and cultivating.



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