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HDPE Fittings

Formulated in the 1950’s, high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) has subsequently been subjected to extensive and rigorous real world application testing to an extent surpassing any “standard” test regimen usually applied to plastic materials. HDPE pipe has proven itself around the globe as the best material choice for water, sewer, natural gas distribution, oil and gas gathering, drainage, buried conduit and now even safety systems for nuclear power plants. Few materials have as wide an application base due to its resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, environmental conditions and its suitability for both low and high pressure applications.

HDPE fittings are injection or compression molded, fabricated using sections of pipe or machined from molded plates. Injection molding is used to produce fittings up through 12-inches in diameter while fittings larger than 12-inches are normally fabricated.

Depending upon the configuration required, fittings are constructed by joining sections of pipe, machined blocks, molded fittings and/or HDPE sheets. Each fitting design is thoroughly analyzed prior to construction in an effort to locate any areas that may compromise the pressure rating of the system into which and fitting will be installed.

Custom fittings are fabricated according to ASTM F2206-02 Standard Specifications for Fabricated Fittings of Butt-Fused Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe, Fittings, Sheet Stock, Plate Stock or Block Stock. This specification includes requirements for materials, design, workmanship, minimum dimensions, marking, test methods and quality control. In addition, the following specifications are continually referenced by engineers.


Southwest Irrigation provides the following HDPE components including:

  • Fabricated Fittings
  • Molded Fittings
  • Molded and Fabricated Fittings
  • Pipe Bends
  • Transition Fittings
  • DI Adapters and Rings
  • Custom Concentric and Eccentric Reducers
  • Custom Drip Tanks
  • Custom Spool Pieces
  • Pig Bar Tees
  • Pig Bar Reducing Tees


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