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Model 735-M
Surge Anticipating Valves

Abrupt pump stopping is followed by a pressure drop as the fluid column continues traveling along the line. The returning column hits the closed pump check valve, creating a high pressure surge wave, which travels at up to 4 Mach. Eliminating such a surge requires anticipation and pre-action. Surge Anticipating Valves react to the pressure drop, accepting the returning column while already open, thus eliminating the surge.

The Model 735-M Surge Anticipating Valve is an off-line, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated valve. The valve, sensing line pressure, opens in response to the pressure drop associated with abrupt pump stoppage. The pre-opened valve dissipates the returning high pressure wave, eliminating the surge. The Model 735-M smoothly closes drip-tight as quickly as the relief feature allows, while preventing closing surge. The valve also relieves excessive system pressure.


Eliminates surge for all pumping systems:

Booster and deep well, single & variable speed

  • Eliminates surge for all distribution networks:
  • Difficult to maintain, remote locations, older systems



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