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Model 835-M
Surge Anticipating Valves

Abrupt pump stopping is followed by a pressure drop as the fluid column continues traveling along the line.
The returning column hits the closed pump check valve, creating a high pressure surge wave, which travels at up to
4 Mach. Eliminating such a surge requires anticipation and pre-action. Surge Anticipating Valves react to the pressure
drop, accepting the returning column while already open, thus eliminating the surge.

The Model 835-M piston actuated Surge Anticipating Valve enables operation at high pressure pumping systems. It extends the pressure rating range upper limit to 40 bar (600 psi).


Eliminates surge for all pumping systems:

Booster and deep well, single & variable speed

  • Eliminates surge for all distribution networks:
  • Difficult to maintain, remote locations, older systems



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