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Southwest Irrigation is the leading supplier for Heap Leach Mining Systems and Agricultural Irrigation Systems in the southwest.

Pressure Sustaining
Automatic Metering Valve (AMV)

The BERMAD Model IR-930-D2-R integrates a vertical turbine Woltman-type water meter with a diaphragm actuated hydraulic control valve. Equipped with a Mechanical Shut-Off Pilot and a Pressure Sustaining Pilot, the BERMAD AMV sustains minimum preset upstream (back) pressure. It automatically shuts itself after accurately delivering a preset quantity of water.

Features and Benefits

Integrated "All-in-One" Control Valve

  • Saves space, cost and maintenance

Easy Modification to Mechanical Drive Hydrometer

  • Adaptable to future computerized systems

Hydraulic Pressure and Batch Control

  • Sustains upstream line pressure
  • Controls system fill-up
  • Non-computerized quantity follow-up and control

Internal Inlet & Outlet Flow Straighteners

  • Saves on straightening distances
  • Maintains accuracy

Integrated Flow Metering Calibration Device

User-Friendly Design

  • Easy pressure setting
  • Simple in-line inspection and service

Typical Applications

  • Semi-Automatic Irrigation
  • Manual Irrigation intended for computerization
  • Pressure Zone Prioritizing
  • Line Fill-Up Control
  • Line Emptying Prevention
  • Volumetric Irrigation Systems
  • Distribution Centers



[1] BERMAD Model IR-930-D2-R sustains filters back flush pressure and delivers precise water quantity.
[2] BERMAD Filter Flush Valve Model IR-405
[3] BERMAD Air Valve Model ARC-A-I-I
[4] BERMAD Air Valve Model ARC-A-P-I



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