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Southwest Irrigation is the leading supplier for Heap Leach Mining Systems and Agricultural Irrigation Systems in the southwest.


Pit Bull®
2" IPS to 6" DIPS

The Pit Bull 26 fuses pipe sizes from 2” IPS to 6” DIPS and 63mm to 180mm. Both models come standard with a 6” IPS insert set.

The 26 offers McElroy’s patented Centerline Guidance System, a semi-automatic locking cam system that maintains force during the cooling cycle, and the ability to fit on the Manual Fusion Stand accessory.

Pit Bull® 26
• Patented Centerline Guidance System for equal distribution of force around the joint
• Semi-automatic locking cam system maintains force during cooling
• Hard anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance
• Serrated jaws and inserts keep pipe from slipping during fusion
• Reversible jaws, clamp knobs, levers, and facer allow operator to fuse from either side of the machine
• Thrust-bearing-equipped clamp knobs to minimize torque required to clamp and round pipe
• Electric facer for fast, efficient facing
• Microprocessor-controlled heater temperature
• ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates
• 17-to-1 mechanical advantage



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