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D3000 Part Circle

Use the Part Circle Sprayhead (PC-D3000) with a D3000 Sprayhead package to help keep wheel tracks dry.

The Part Circle Sprayhead has a 170 arc setting to provide part-circle operation for applications at the span towers, offset drops or boombacks. The PC-D3000 spray plate provides stream definition similar to the spray plate geometry of the #9493 Blue spray plate. The medium grooves and concave trajectory provide wind-penetration and wide throw distance.

Nozzle size

operating range



#9-50 3TN

10-20 PSI
(.7-1.4 BAR)


(127 MM)

THROW RADIUS = 19' (5.8 M) AT 10 PSI (.7 BAR) WITH #36 3TN NOZZLE.

113860 Adapter R/S/D/N/A 3000
113871 Body D/A 3000
113872 Cap/Pad CC Fine Green
113873 Cap/Pad CC Medium Blue
113874 Cap/Pad FL Coarse Gray
113875 Cap/Pad CV Fine Purple
113876 Cap/Pad FL Smooth Turquoise
113879 Cap/Pad FL Medium Black
113942 Cap/Pad Multi Orange
113949 Cap/Pad Multi Brown
113877 Cap/Pad CC X CM Blue X Red
113878 Cap/Pad FL X CM Gray x Red
113880 Cap/Pad CC X CC Blue X Green

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