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Southwest Irrigation is the leading supplier for Heap Leach Mining Systems and Agricultural Irrigation Systems in the southwest.

Processed Water Land Application

When you need a system to deliver thousands of hours of reliable performance a year, there’s only one choice – Reinke. By offering the widest variety of water pipes in the industry, we make it possible for design engineers to closely tailor the pivot or lateral move system to the individual project. This design flexibility reduces initial installation costs and annual operational costs for the overall system.

Reinke land application systems are outstanding for processed water or wastewater because we offer the widest choice of pipes in the industry:

Water Pipe Materials

  • Water pipe materialsGalvanized Steel – Good corrosion protection under most conditions.
  • Stainless Steel – Recommended for extreme high or low pH values. Also good for water conditions that vary considerably, such as food processing effluent.
  • Corrosion Resistant Nickel+ -- Good protection from moderately aggressive water, farm chemicals.
  • Aluminum – Good choice for livestock and processed water application.
  • Poly Lined – Excellent cost-effective option for processed water or water that has a low pH.

Reinke's new and improved poly-lined pipe is now available in both 6 5/8" and 8 5/8" diameter galvanized pipe. The high-density polyethylene liner is a full 3/16" thick and comes with heavy duty 3/4" glass reinforced nylon couplers spaced 57" apart for maximum uniformity of application. The added strength provided by the new 3/4" couplers allows the use of 3/4" PVC rigid drops or hose drops using standard 3/4" PVC U-pipes orthe 125 degree Goosenecks with hose slings.


We also provide a wide variety of pipe diameters, so you can choose the size that assures maintenance of critical velocities.

Pipe Choices

Pipe choices

* Specifically designed for smaller fields, the strength and light weight of the Minigator E2045 means serious business. Originally introduced back in 1971, the Minigator returns with all the quality and features of its renown big brother, the Electrogator II. The Minigator utilizes 4.5 inch diameter water pipe in span lengths of 118 to 175 feet and can easily irrigate small fields up to 60 acres or more.



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