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Southwest Irrigation is the leading supplier for Heap Leach Mining Systems and Agricultural Irrigation Systems in the southwest.


Center TrainCenter Drive – High efficiency gear motor delivers exceptional torque to propel your system over the roughest terrain and through difficult soil conditions.

3 Output RPMs

  1. Low 60:1 ratio or 29 RPM
  2. Standard 40:1 ratio or 43 RPM
  3. High 25:1 ratio or 70 RPM

Helical Gear Design – 95% efficiency

  • All aluminum gear case and motor housing assures cooler running, longer life and increased corrosion resistance
  • Multi-bolt mounting pattern fits most brands
  • High-strength steel shafting provides long life and dependability
  • Thermally protected with automatic reset located in easily accessible junction box
  • Heat-treated gears
  • Specially designed input and output seals
  • Top fill plug positioned to set correct oil level
  • All critical electrical connections are encapsulated to resist moisture penetration
  • Use of smaller generators and smaller incoming wire sizes is possible
  • C.S.A. approved
  • Stainless junction box cover
  • Dual shaft seals
  • New high capacity outer motor bearing

Heavy-Duty Wheel Gearbox Redefines Durability

Drive Train features

Backed by the industry’s best warranty, covering the cost for both the gearbox and labor, Reinke gearboxes are built to provide years of dependable service.

  1. Input shaft cover snaps on to either end to guard against seal and shaft damage
  2. Unique rolling diaphragm design minimizes positive and negative pressure build-up during operation – relieving negative pressure prevents water and contaminants from being drawn into the gear case
  3. Stainless steel diaphragm cover provides years of corrosion-free life
  4. Larger input bearings (largest in the industry) provide 55% greater load capacity for today’s larger tires and faster rotation times
  5. Non-seizing drain and fill plug for easy maintenance
  6. Cartridge style input and output seals utilize a multi-lip design and a precision ground, polished sealing surface to all but eliminate oil leaks
  7. End cap is machined from cast steel to handle the higher loads created with today’s larger tires
  8. Seal protector blocks out contaminants and extends seal life
  9. New Bull Gear, designed for greater tooth contact, results in higher load capacity and longer life
  10. Large 2 1/4" diameter output shaft and flange are made of high-strength steel to carry tower loads
  11. Centering ring doubles as a load-bearing surface, relieving stress on the lug bolts and lessening potential wheel damage
  12. Reinforced housing provides more material in high stress areas, increasing overall gearbox strength
  13. Dual input shaft provides universal mounting
  14. Output seal features two double-lipped seals with grease-filled gap for extended life

Replacing the standard gear oil with Sprinkler Lube 1200™ after the  first season will provide exceptional lubrication with minimal maintenance while extending the life of the wheel gears.



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