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The UL Listed ROTO-CON® is an economical and dependable rotary phase converter that can operate a wide variety of equipment. Rotary phase converters' flexibility in operating different loads make them an economical alternative to costly three-phase line extensions and their associated demand charges. They are easily installed, require minimal maintenance, and give years of trouble-free service.

The ROTO-CON® is our most widely used and least expensive rotary phase converter. It is best suited for operating motors that do not operate continuously at high loads. Applications such as metal or woodworking shops, grain handling and milling, pivot irrigation towers, print shops, and food processing generally have these types of loads.

The ROTO-CON® is available with total load ratings from 2 to 200 HP for both 240 volt or 480 volt operation. If needed, special voltage or larger horsepower units can be accommodated.

Due to multiple op tions please call for availability and configuration.



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