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The ROTOVERTER® is the only rotary converter that can simulate the current balancing capability of our ADD-A-PHASE®, thanks to its patented "tapped windings." The tap adjustments give you control over all three phases for balancing currents. Standard rotaries actually allow control of only two of the three phases. This balancing capability is
especially important for motors that operate for extended periods at or near full load, and for higher power factor motors. Examples of such loads would be grain dryer of other fan motors, pumps, or continuously operating compressors.

For total loads up to 150 HP, the Type "C" ROTOVERTER® is recommended for multiple loads of varying horsepower ratings. The Type "D" ROTOVERTER®, available for total loads up to 52.5 HP works for applications where a single load (of either a single or multiple motors) is to be operated. It can also be used to power non-motor loads. Both types are available in either 240 volt or 480 volt units. CSA approved units are available up to 120 KVA.

Due to multiple options please call for availability and configuration.



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