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Sprinkler Lube 1200

Sprinkler Lube 1200 is the first lubricant of its type, specifically designed for wheel gears and capable of surpassing the rigorous requirements of today’s irrigation systems.

Sprinkler Lube assures maximum protection against corrosion of metal parts. This keeps the lubricant in good condition for extended service intervals. It is high-pass, which means it will not attack or corrode copper or brass, leaving the interior of the gearbox looking nearly new. Sprinkler Lube’s superior anti-wear, extreme pressure agents protect against metal to metal contact and wear under excessive pressure or shock loads, increasing gear and bearing life. Special adhesive/cohesive additives make this product extremely sticky which allows it to form a grease seal on worn shafts, keeping lubricant in and water out.

This also keeps lubricant on metal parts eliminating dry starts or contact with moisture. Unlike traditional gear oil, the thicker, gel-like consistency of Sprinkler Lube makes it less likely to leak from the gearbox.

Sprinkler Lube 1200 Benefits

  • Less Downtime.
  • Longer Seal Life.
  • Longer Gearbox Life.
  • Longer Lubricant Life.
  • Resists water infiltration.
  • Superior Anti-Wear Protection.
  • Becomes highly fluid at wear points to resist wear and move foreign material away from load area.
  • Excellent Extreme Pressure Protection.
  • Protection Against Gear Scoring.
  • Less Seal Leakage.
  • Retains thickness at seal contact points to resist leakage.
  • For use in all brands of center pivot irrigation systems.
  • Enhances load and endurance capabilities.
  • Reduces startup wear.
  • Provides a protective seal against rust and corrosion for all Internal parts.
  • Contains tackifiers to maintain a lubricating coating on all parts.

Wheel Gear Lubricant

119101 SPRINKLER LUBE 1200 120 LB KEG
119102 SPRINKLER LUBE 1200 400 LB DRUM
* Approximately 7 pounds per gear

Center Drive Lubricant

119080 SPRINKLER LUBE 220-2/17.5 LB
119081 SPRINKLER LUBE 220-120 LB
119082 SPRINKLER LUBE 220-220 LB
119083 SPRINKLER LUBE 220-400 LB
* Quantity varies



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