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Control Valves

Control Valves

  • High flow capacity with low friction loss.
  • Superior pressure control.
  • Lightweight and compact design for installation and repair.
  • Special natural rubber sleeve which is resilient under high pressure, resistant to common irrigation chemicals, and flexible to assure a leak proof shutoff.
  • Highest quality heavy duty materials of corrosion resistant galvanized steel, brass and coated cast iron and a hard chromed pressure regulating spool.
  • Special design that requires minimal water flow to operate, reducing solenoid and regulator plugging.
  • Self flushing inlet screen.
  • Freeze proof external filter.
Part # Description
113655 VALVE 800 CONTROL A2B5C2D13E53H2
113656 VALVE 800 CONTROL A3B5C2D13E53H2
113657 VALVE 800 CONTROL A4B5C2D3E50H2
113658 VALVE 800 CONTROL A6B5C2D3E50H2
113659 VALVE 800 CONTROL A8B5C2D3E50H2

To Order: Specify 800 series control valve and select from each letter option and a pressure gauge option. Any item in section D, E, and H can be ordered separately from the valve as a kit. Specify the letter option and the number (e.g. E60 for a 220 VOLT A/C 1/16” Solenoid Kit).




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